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As a fashion designer, we understand that you have a myriad of things to manage: from coming up with ideas, developing you designs, financing, sourcing fabrics and trims, finding a suitable clothes manufacturer to work with, controlling quality, arranging labeling and packaging, shipping, advertising, marketing and social media and of course, the all important part of selling your collection.

When you work with a reliable partner a lot of these headaches are managed externally, leaving you to focus on building your business. We take care of the development and production side of things for emerging brands and designers.

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At Source Studio we are proud to offer our clients an all-in-one service or fully factored clothing manufacturing service.  We will bring your ideas, your designs, to life - from the sourcing of fabric and trims through to first samples, grading, production, labeling, packaging and shipping.  This is a service larger companies usually benefit from, but the smaller brands and independent designers, who usually have the least time and resources, are usually unable to access these resources.

1. Sourcing of fabrics and trims

Clients often come to us stating that the one of the most time consuming areas is sourcing the right fabrics.

At Source Studio, in order to offer a fully factored service, we solve that problem. Clients send us swatches of their desired fabrics which our team then counter sources and imports from China, one of the largest textile markets in the world. We work with a broad selection of fabrics - wovens and knits, naturals and synthetics. This is a valued added service we offer all our clients as standard.

2  Sampling

 Based on your tech packs, our team of highly experienced pattern makers and seamstresses bring your designs to life.  After we collect all the information and are ready to start sewing, a meeting or skype call will be arranged with our native English speaking expert to make sure we understand all your ideas correctly.

Our team of pattern makers and seamstresses will then convert your designs into first samples for your approval. Any changes required are then made before we move into grading of patterns.


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All our factories are Vietnam based, specifically in Saigon. We work with low volumes from 50 units per style and colour (we also manage high volume production).  We know that at the early stage of your business, small quantity clothing manufacturing is essential in order not to be left with stocks at the end of the season and we are proud to be able assist emerging designers in this. Low volume production and the associated cost benefits is not usually available in Asia, nor is a fully factored service. At Source Studio we have set up a network of partner factories and workshops who accept low volume orders via us, thereby allowing our designers to benefit from the advantages of producing in Vietnam.

4Quality control

Quality control is a very important factor to consider in clothes manufacturing and many brands struggle to find the right partners.  Fashion brands are especially concerned about product quality when they produce clothing abroad as it is very difficult to control from afar.  Working in middle to higher end sector and with our production being sold in some of the worlds most renowned shops and department stores, high quality is of special concern to our brands and therefore to us. Each piece passes through 2 levels of quality control to ensure our designer´s standards are always met, season through season.

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5Lead times

Emerging or niche brands usually have lower volume orders of under 250 units per style.  This is a very low volume for most factories and these clients are often pushed to the back of the queue when larger orders are received. This causes late deliveries and penalties to the emerging brand as well as a poor, often first impression to their retailer clients. At Source Studio we commit to the delivery dates given. We understand that our commitment to you is your commitment to your client

Fabric Fair again! 20-23rd March. MOQ 20 units, fully factored service

Looking for fabrics for the upcoming season?

Showcasing over 10.000 fabrics for sampling & production

20th - 23rd of March 9am – 6pm (2pm on the Friday)

Select from sustainable fabrics like tencels and rayons, cottons and silks, to ribs, jacquards, embroideries and laces, corduroys, linens, nylons, meshes and a BIG etc.

Reminding you that we produce also denim styles. We now have an even broader selection of types of denims available as well as effects.

We invite you to visit us and collect your swatches – see attached invite for further details.

Source Studio is a fully factored service with no MOQ (well, 20 units per style/colour)

As a part of our fully factored service, Source Studio sources fabric on the designer´s behalf. Please note we do not offer this as a stand-alone service. Whilst our MOQ is 20 units per style/colour the fabric displayed comes in full rolls of 80-120m.

Source Studio is a British managed company with sampling and production services in Saigon, Vietnam.

 Click here to see who is really making your clothes.

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Production abroad or at home?

Finding the right manufacturing partner for your business is essential and can mean the difference between success or failure.

Designer Showrooms BFC London

Designer Showrooms BFC London

When you start a creative business, one of the last things on your mind is logistics. Your head is too full of colours, designs, mood boards and ideas to spare much room for the less exciting stuff. But, as everyone knows deep down, the boring bits are what keeps a business thriving. And when it comes to clothes, nailing your production process might not be the most glamorous task, but it’s certainly the most vital.

Here at Source Studio we produce everything in Vietnam. However, this is not the best solution for all designers. If you are in the very early stages, say seasons 1-3, your volumes are likely low. You probably do not have much experience yet in managing production, or the sampling process and you probably cannot buy full rolls of fabric and are relying on retailers locally to supply you. 

At this stage it makes sense to produce close to home. Any price advantage you would have from producing abroad is likely eroded by time consumed in learning to work with a new supplier abroad. Plus, if you only really need 80m of fabric but are having to buy 120m, even if the fabric is cheaper and the production is cheaper, the fabric wastage probably means that you did not actually make any savings and hence your RRP is unaffected.

However, if you are producing already 50+ units per style, perhaps you are using one fabric for 2 pieces, let’s say a skirt and a blouse, then you are likely using your 120m of fabric. And in this case it is time to compare costs. Would you benefit from moving your production at this stage? You should be looking for a saving of 20-30%. And that can make a big difference on your market positioning, or your margin!

Source Studio Sampling & Production

The factors to consider are:

Would lower prices to my customers help grow my business?

Would I benefit from more fabric variety being available to me?

Can my quality of construction improve?

Can my delivery times be improved?

Often the answers to the above are yes. In the west we are no longer experts in clothes manufacturing and most larger brands will produce abroad for all of the above reasons. However, production abroad has traditionally been limited to companies able to produce over 500 units of each style.

At Source Studio we have spent the last 6 years working with factories in Vietnam to create a network of high quality suppliers who are happy to work with low volumes. Why? Because we represent many designers at the same time and therefore negotiate with our partner factories. It is easier for them to work via Source Studio because we have been doing so together for years, they know that we prep designers so that the process is as simplified as possible, we source the fabric and trims and we help make sure each product is in perfect condition. It is a win-win for the designer who benefits from the lower prices and higher quality and for the factory who can take on more orders, without the “headaches” of teaching a designer how to work with them, how to present information and stick to necessary timeframes in the production process.

We usually work with designers producing volumes of 50-200 units per style. Have a look at our website Source Studio or send us an email to know more about our services, processes and timeframes and how it can help your business.