Vietnam officially lost the U23s Asean Cup - but they won it anyway!

Here is a post with a bit of a difference – we are not football fans nor do we have any interest in promoting it – but we are in Vietnam, our team are almost all Vietnamese and we feel very proud this week of Vietnamese attitude and unity – characteristics we see also every day in our work lives. Vietnam is a friendly, happy and hard working country.

It may not have been a perfectly happy ending for Vietnam football team when they lost out on a snow filled pitch (most of the players will not have seen snow before, nevermind played in it) in the final minute of the final against Uzbekistan for under 23s, a level nobody in Vietnam felt they would be able to reach. Hence it didn’t matter much that they didn´t win. The main prize had already been won- the heart of millions Vietnamese.



The country was so proud of their team regardless that the party went right ahead anyway with streets flooded with excited supporters incredulous that their team made it so far.  The huge crowds of fans were bursting with national pride as they streamed home, some still chanting "Vietnam the champion!". Grandparents and babies, rich and poor – everyone was out celebrating.

Image source: Internet

Image source: Internet

Image source: Internet

Image source: Internet

The streets were flooded with a sea of red and gold as flag-waving fans, many also wearing red headbands that said "Vietnam Wins". Strangers hugged and shook hands sharing unlimited joy.

Image source: Internet

Image source: Internet

A week before the final match, people talked and discussed excitedly about football everywhere in schools, markets, restaurants and buses. Some of them had never had any interest in the game before.


On the final day, everybody gathered together in coffee shops, public squares and stadiums watching the game. Cinemas were screening for free. Companies were sending employees home early. Even patients in hospitals put aside their sickness and suffering, enjoyed the match.

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The past weeks have been a fantastic journey for the players and the country. It is not just a game any more, it unites the whole country and brings people closer together.

Well done Vietnam!  And not just the team, well done the people of Vietnam for their positive attitude and unity as a country!

Production abroad or at home?

Finding the right manufacturing partner for your business is essential and can mean the difference between success or failure.

Designer Showrooms BFC London

Designer Showrooms BFC London

When you start a creative business, one of the last things on your mind is logistics. Your head is too full of colours, designs, mood boards and ideas to spare much room for the less exciting stuff. But, as everyone knows deep down, the boring bits are what keeps a business thriving. And when it comes to clothes, nailing your production process might not be the most glamorous task, but it’s certainly the most vital.

Here at Source Studio we produce everything in Vietnam. However, this is not the best solution for all designers. If you are in the very early stages, say seasons 1-3, your volumes are likely low. You probably do not have much experience yet in managing production, or the sampling process and you probably cannot buy full rolls of fabric and are relying on retailers locally to supply you. 

At this stage it makes sense to produce close to home. Any price advantage you would have from producing abroad is likely eroded by time consumed in learning to work with a new supplier abroad. Plus, if you only really need 80m of fabric but are having to buy 120m, even if the fabric is cheaper and the production is cheaper, the fabric wastage probably means that you did not actually make any savings and hence your RRP is unaffected.

However, if you are producing already 50+ units per style, perhaps you are using one fabric for 2 pieces, let’s say a skirt and a blouse, then you are likely using your 120m of fabric. And in this case it is time to compare costs. Would you benefit from moving your production at this stage? You should be looking for a saving of 20-30%. And that can make a big difference on your market positioning, or your margin!

Source Studio Sampling & Production

The factors to consider are:

Would lower prices to my customers help grow my business?

Would I benefit from more fabric variety being available to me?

Can my quality of construction improve?

Can my delivery times be improved?

Often the answers to the above are yes. In the west we are no longer experts in clothes manufacturing and most larger brands will produce abroad for all of the above reasons. However, production abroad has traditionally been limited to companies able to produce over 500 units of each style.

At Source Studio we have spent the last 6 years working with factories in Vietnam to create a network of high quality suppliers who are happy to work with low volumes. Why? Because we represent many designers at the same time and therefore negotiate with our partner factories. It is easier for them to work via Source Studio because we have been doing so together for years, they know that we prep designers so that the process is as simplified as possible, we source the fabric and trims and we help make sure each product is in perfect condition. It is a win-win for the designer who benefits from the lower prices and higher quality and for the factory who can take on more orders, without the “headaches” of teaching a designer how to work with them, how to present information and stick to necessary timeframes in the production process.

We usually work with designers producing volumes of 50-200 units per style. Have a look at our website Source Studio or send us an email to know more about our services, processes and timeframes and how it can help your business.


At Source Studio we are often asked why we chose #Vietnam as our #manufacturing base.

Here the #Business of #Fashion lays down some of the reasons we chose to focus on Vietnam for our fashion production:
Like South Korea, Taiwan and China before it, Vietnam is piecing together the right mix of ingredients for rapid, sustained growth.

Vietnam Manufacturing

Vietnam Manufacturing

Vietnam’s workforce is not just young but skilled. In global rankings, 15-year- olds in Vietnam beat those in America and Britain in maths and science. That pays dividends in its factories. At Saitex, a high-end denim manufacturer, workers must handle complex machinery—from lasers to nano-bubble washers—all to produce the worn jeans so popular in the West.

Vietnam is reaping benefits from trade deals. It is set to be the biggest beneficiary of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and a free-trade pact with the EU is in the works for 2017.

Vietnam already has a strong, often underappreciated, record. Since 1990 its growth has averaged nearly 6% a year per person, second only to China.

A relatively young population adds to Vietnam’s appeal. Whereas China’s median age is 36, Vietnam’s is 30.7.

Investors have also taken heart from the stability of Vietnam’s long-term planning.

Like China, it has used five-year plans as rough blueprints for development.

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