The studio is strategically located in Saigon to benefit from the highly skilled textile workforce.  We house a team of 15 seamstresses, 3 pattern makers and 8 merchandisers who work under the management of Sylvie Tran.


For the production we have long standing relationships with a network of partner factories, relationships that have been developed over years of collaboration. The factories have been trained in high quality production and more complex construction methods to meet the standard required by our level of brands. We offer low production volumes otherwise unavailable in Asia by representing groups of designers, and achieve thereby lower production prices which allows our clients to be more competitive in their market-place.




The UK is no longer a world production centre and a trained and skilled work force is difficult to find at prices that still allow UK designers to compete in the global market-place. Whilst we support made in the UK, and encourage young brands to produce locally, we offer emerging brands with volumes of 50+ per style the option to produce abroad without waiting until they reach volumes of 500+.


We offer designers the peace of mind of knowing they work with a professional company capable of converting their ideas into reality by working with a highly skilled and experienced team under western management. We carefully manage all steps of your sampling and production process, leaving you to focus on the other areas of growing your business.


Management Team


Source Studio was founded in 2010 by Rebecca Pickard.  Rebecca initially sourced production for her own brand, selecting Vietnam due it it´s reputation for highly skilled workers. With growing requests for production management she set up a network of expert artisans and collaborating factories.  Rebecca has since produced collections for designers from Europe, Australia, and the US.

Sylvie Tran left Vietnam as a child, growing up in the US where she studied fashion production before setting up her own label and returning in 2008 to set-up Logos Fashion Service.  Having visited Vietnam initially to source production for her own label, she saw a need for high quality, low volume production operation offering services to international designers.

Rebecca and Sylvie joined teams in 2015 to offer a better and broader service to their clients. Sylvie manages the team of seamstresses, pattern makers, merchandisers and the collaborating factories.  Rebecca works closely with the clients to offer a seamless service and dedicated account management and spends her time between London and Vietnam.


Rebecca Pickard
Founder & Director

(London - Vietnam)

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Sylvie Tran
Managing Director



Sophie Lai
 General Manager